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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]

So, I've been watching eBay since... well... eBay came into existance.. for one CD I've really really wanted. The NIN bootleg, "Welcome to the Hate Machine". I've seen it come up on there infrequently, and when it has come up, it usually sells for well over $100 (and always at times I can't afford that kind of price).

Well, I finally saw it earlier this month for much less than that. I thought, "What the hell, I'll put a bid in for $20 and see if I get it." Final price? $24 including the shipping. I finally retrieved it from Mom's house (where all my shipping goes) yesterday... and it's actually in decent condition!

So now I'm happily listening to the mp3s I quickly ripped from it. Such happiness... it takes me back to The Tenement and listening to cusm's copy of it. yay!

I also thought... hey freeptop! Do you have a copy of this, bootlegged, or double bootlegged (burned)? If not, I'll burn you a copy.

Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: Kinda I Want To-Nine Inch Nails-Welcome To The HateMachine


woot diddy wootdewoot

I don't have a copy of it - I seem to recall that I basically have what's on it on a different set of bootlegs, but I'm not sure. I'll happily accept a copy, though ;)


OK, I'll burn you a copy at some point then. :)

Here's the track list:

1. Slate
2. Sanctified
3. Maybe Once
4. Kinda I Want To
5. That's What I Get
6. Purest Feeling
7. Ringfinger
8. Down In It
9. Suck Version 1
10. Suck Version 2
11. You Know Who You Are
12. Get Down Make Love
13. Head Like a Hole (Opal)
14. Memorabilia

None of the songs that are titled the same on Pretty Hate Machine are the same mix, probably obviously. Get Down Make Love is on the Sin Remix disc. I know you have Purest Feeling on that bootleg. But... I dunno if this particular version of Ringfinger is anywhere else... it's the "Twist twist twist" version that I really really *heart*, and totally got the entire CD just to get that song. :)

Weird. I have no idea how I got logged out.

Thanks! I should be able to pick it up in person in a little more than a month (if all goes well) ;)

I want.

*sniff* NIN and you don't think of me? ;)

Surprised it's not titled Twist instead of Ringfinger; do they even sing "Ringfinger" in it? The bootleg I have has it named Twist. :)

I'll have to check when I get home to see if I have all of them already (I had an mp3 based bootleg at one point titled "Purest Feeling" and it looks like it could be the same first 6 tracks).

Doo, I haven't heard from you in *so* long. I have AIM running again, you should find me and let me know how you're doing. :)