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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
*gasp* spendy.

Well, I got my NIN/Bauhaus ticket for Columbus.

Wow, was that expensive.

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Hey, what's your currently working email?


where'd you get the tickets? I can't find a link at Ticketmaster or NIN.com?


go to performances link

go to the date, and find the "spiral" link

go to the date again... etc.

I hope they're not sold out by now -- I got mine at midnight.

well, that's fucking retarded since they sent out email saying they were going on sale at noon, not midnight.

I spent $60 on a membership that does...what again?

I still can't see the link on the page for the show, looks like I'm fucked.


I looked through the message boards and saw this:
I asked MusicToday about the presale for the Columbus show. This is the reply I got:

The presale date information will be updated shortly on the Spiral Club's website. The presale will be 4.19.

Doo, I just went to the presale area. It's open now.

I bought tickets for that date already.

Go to http://www.nin.com/tour/index.html

Search on "6_27_06", look for the word "spiral" in that line. It's still there.

Log in.

Look for the 6/27/06 date in Cuyahoga Falls OH

Click on "buy tickets" in that same line

Read the disclaimer, and press "_CONTINUE_"

From there, it's a matter of filling out fields.

I hate to tell you this, but that's in Cleveland?

Er, oops. Guess I have a ticket for sale.

I think this is what I get for staying up until midnight to get fucking tickets.

So wait, why would there... oh, fuckit, I'm too tired to understand this crap obviously.

Yay, they were really nice and refunded my ticket. Guess I'll wait for the tickets to go on sale for real this time. :)

yay!!! glad they were nice about it!!!!!!!!
I got an email from the ticket doodz saying they'll be on sale "later". The rumors I'm hearing are the 19th.

Let me know when you find out for sure. Perhaps we could try coordinating when we buy our tickets too, so that we have a chance of ending up in the same section. :)

Yeah, NIN tickets have been getting more and more expensive, unfortunately. Fortunately, this last time I saw them, they made it fully worth it. Hopefully that'll continue to be the case.