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The DC trip was fun.

DC was fun, it was really good seeing all of the Pittsburgh transplants down there. I want to hit that restaurant again when I'm back... plus, I can get there early and go shopping in that area. Yay lots of CDs and DVDs for $34!!

I was reminded just how much I've embedded my bedtime for work into my system though. I was almost kicked out of the She Wants Revenge show for... falling asleep. No, I liked the show, it wasn't that; I'm just not used to being up until 2am anymore!

The only bad thing was on the turnpike just 3 miles before the Pittsburgh exit... I had cruise control on (going 71 mph, mind you), and was passing a car that was going 5 or so mph less than me. As I'm passing, an SUV comes up on my back bumper and tries to insist I get out of his way. Now, we're in an area of some curving, so I didn't feel comfortable going over 71 mph. OTOH, he was THREE INCHES from my back bumper, and I couldn't brake... like, AT ALL!!! I swear he tried to tap my bumper even. That was probably the scariest situation I'd ever been in while driving, because I had no f'in' clue what this guy was going to do, and I was trapped between him, the car to my right, and the divider to my left. GRR!

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