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OK, Dinner tomorrow in DC.

I'm making a unilateral decision at this point, because I think the evidence from the last post is that we'll still be deciding on a location tomorrow at 3:30pm if I don't. :)

Anyway, I'm choosing Matt's suggestion of Mandalay for a few reasons:
1. He can eat there, and mentioned not liking most ethnic foods.
2. I've never had Burmese, and would like to try it.
3. Silver Spring, MD seems to be a good location for everyone to get to.
4. I can find a website for it. :)

Anyway, it doesn't actually open until 5pm, so that bumps dinner to 5pm. Hopefully that's still early enough for Tom.

So! I need a head count so that I can make reservations there... who all is coming?

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