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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
odd bit of news, not found most places...

An anarchist just got elected to City Council in Lake Worth, FL. I know the article doesn't specifically spell out her anarchist background, but she's one of the inventors of the radical cheerleaders, and is just known in the community at large.

I'm mostly giving this information out here for certain interested readers of my LJ. Plus, I think it's just damn cool... it's such a refreshing change to see something so radically opposite the country's current path make it into politics. This is especially interesting considering that she's made it there in Florida.

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And in Lake Worth. My late uncle and great-aunt lived there. I visited twice. Wow.

I'm still trying to figure out the paradox of an anarchist running for a government office in the first place... ;)

Anarchism strictly means, "No head of state." There are many anarchists who believe in a government that comes in the form of a "pure democracy." There are also many anarchists who believe in no government at all, and a lot of those that lie somewhere in between (or some other variation on the same theme).

In any case, what she's running on doing is taking her position back to the people and letting them tell her what to do... which is a case of purely representational democracy. She's a figurehead in this case, yes, but it's at least representational (the ideal for our system) as opposed to pure leadership, or even dictatorship, from her position... making it more anarchistic.

Heh, sorry, that was really just a joke. I realize the logic behind an anarchist taking a government office, actually. But the concept still seemed amusing.

OK, just checking. I dunno what people know or don't know about anarchism, really.

Hell, I've been reading a hell of a lot about it recently (I recently read "A Girl Among the Anarchists," and have been trying to read up on stuff referenced in there), and I think I've just barely scratched the surface of what anarchism really is, or all that it encompasses.