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news bit

I just have one news bit today. Gas Boom Is Both Boon, Bane for Wyoming County is about Sublette County in Wyoming, which saw a big increase in its economy recently when it became a center for Natural-gas drilling.

Since the big money began to flow and roughnecks took over the bars, there have been substantial increases in assault, domestic violence, methamphetamine addiction, theft and traffic accidents -- none of which the sheriff's department has the manpower to deal with. A county report found a 94 percent increase in arrests since 2000.

The article blames the influx of people from outside areas for summertime employment as the source of all of the trouble... but there's a discrepency I don't get. Apparently most of the people who come in from outside areas leave their families wherever they came from, and live in a company-built encampment. So why is there an increase in domestic violence?
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