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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
new car!!!

OK, I've been fighting the credit system, the banking system, various dealerships, and etc to find a new car. I wanted a Jeep Wrangler, but.... for a very long story that I just don't want to get into anymore, I'm waiting on the Wrangler for another few years.

But I did put money on a brand new Hyundai Elantra today! On Monday I'll get the bank approval, insurance, and etc... and that evening I pick up the car and DRIVE MYSELF HOME!


So, eolh, when can I come visit with the Punk: Attitude video? It has Captain Sensible after all....

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Wegweiser-Sitd-Coded Message: 12

Yay, car! So, No more wanting to kill the bank people, then?

Well, I'm doing this with the original loan with just my name. I'm just going to be broke this month is all. :)

Wow, what happened to the civic?

It was sold by the time I got to the dealership. But the *new* Elantra I picked up (5-year warranty) is the same price that the Civic would have been. :)

Yay! Hmm . . . Tell me when you might want to visit, and I'll tell you if it's possible or not.

Some weekend this month? Well, not this coming weekend, but after that. Like, 17-19 or 24-26? I'm free at this point for either weekend.

April's shot, all of my weekends for that month are already booked between work, Easter, and Sarah and Alex's wedding.

Hm, I'm thinking right now that 24th-26th will probably be better, though I'll have to check with Brian first and make sure that's ok with him. I'll let you know soon.

The 24th-26th would be better for me too, actually. I found out there's stuff going on with my church on the 19th. :/

Awesome! Pictures...

I'm sure they'll come. :)

I just gotta get the car first, of course. Tonight!