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car loans and credit checks

I know exactly what car I want at this point, and I'm in touch with a couple of dealerships about purchasing it. All I need now is the loan, and finding out there's a Credit Union on campus with nice and easy loanagings, I went to talk to them about it. I didn't actually expect to be approved; I've only been working here three months, and I knew my credit was less than desired.

Well, I got the word back today that.... "maybe". Maybe? Wow! "Can you check on your credit report and tell us about these three items on it?" Wow doubled! Sure! So I did.... and what I found was so depressing...

I had no idea your credit report could be so in error. Like, the first four items on my report (all of the ones my credit union asked me about) were totally in error. Three had been paid in full YEARS ago, and the last was for someone with my name in Pittsburg, CA. Given that I've never lived there, the last company said, smartly, "Go talk to your credit agency about this," and effectively hung up on me. Whee! At least the others in dispute were like, "Have your credit union call us about this, we'll clarify."

So, yah, dreadful time I've had trying to track down all of the crap on my credit report (happily the valid stuff I've now paid off in full as well)... BUT!!! BUT!!!!

This means that all the stuff my credit union asked about? Totally disputable! Hopefully this bodes well for my getting a new car loan. :) :) :) :)

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