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Give Stonehenge back to the druids!

This is a beautiful commentary from the Guardian on the state of Stonehenge. I mean, just look at this passage near the start:

I have attended many Stonehenge consultations. They are raving madhouses. The sanest people present are the pendragons, druids, warlocks, Harry Potters, sons of the sun and daughters of the moon. They have a clear use for the stones and speak English. Weirdness sets in with Wiltshire county councillors, health-and-safety officers and archaeologists, all of whom think the stones are theirs as of right. But for total extragalactic dottiness, nothing tops the Ministry of Defence. It moves only in twos, each official with a soldier doppelganger at his side.

The article continues in the same vein, eventually concluding that the stones are cursed until they're given back to the druids. I admire the snark in this, and I know a bunch of friends of mine will appreciate this pointer.

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