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Nvnsvch is dead. Long live nvnsvch.

nvnsvch got a fatal memory error over the weekend, which corrupted much of the running parts of the disk. /usr looked OK from what little I checked, but /, /bin, /var, and most system files were pretty much unusable. Sigh. When I checked memory cards on crucial, I realized that for the cost of replacing the memory alone, I could buy a new machine entirely. Yes, ebay has those cards for *much* cheaper, which I may do for home use, but I want something more reliable for the coloc.

I pulled the disk from the rest of the hardware, and will be working on making a new machine and transferring the data to it. I don't know how long this will take. It may take a couple of days. It may take a week. I don't expect that it'll take longer than next weekend to fix up, however -- me being me, I'll obsess over getting it working over the weekend if it's not ready yet.

So, yah, that's the status of nvnsvch. I know many of you have services with it, and I just ask for some patience while I try to get it back to operational status.


Edit: Oh yah, in the meantime if you need to email me, do so at My username there is the same as here.
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