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Joining the latest craze...

-- Gwen is recognized as an engaging, powerful speaker who is an expert at inspiring and encouraging people to defy their laws of impossibility.
-- Gwen is licensed to practice law before the United States Tax Court.
-- GWEN is designed as an ultra-high powered VLF [150-175 kHz] network intended to survive massive broadband destructive interference produced by nuclear EMP, and recovering quickly from the changes imposed on radiowave propagation by EMP-ion damage to the upper atmosphere.
-- Gwen is an undiscovered gold mine
-- Gwen is een dochter van Cherilynn.
-- Gwen is a superb ultimate player.
-- Gwen is an amazing performer with charisma to match like no other person I have ever seen. She is an original.
-- Gwen is such a good girl.
-- gwen is hotter because shes all really and britney is fake
-- gwen is a human being.
And my personal favorite:
-- Gwen is a newlywed who "with some trepidation left the cocky Brandon at Mistress Natasha's doorstep" for serious training; Gwen is a table-spread canvas for sloppy-food painting by a nameless tattooed piercing artist; Gwen is a bottom-half-naked lady walking her human dogs through the countryside; Gwen's riding her human pony, Brandon; she's learning lesbian love pressed against Jessica's wall.

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