gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Whatever happened to fact checking in news?

Seriously. First there was The Tartan's coverage of the reporter who not only reported erroneous facts about an on-campus organization, he reported that he had gotten the fact from that organization (he'd never talked to them at all). Now, about two weeks later, all kinds of news reports are saying that they're calling The Upstage, and "we got no answer, because The Upstage is closed for good."

Uhm, I just called and got:

"You've reached 682-2084. The Upstage will not be opening this evening. Today is December 23rd."

Seriously, folks, this is really simple fact checking. Please, get your news right before you air it. I believe you would have learned this your FIRST YEAR of journalism. Thank you. Drive through.

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