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So....... my car is OK!!!!!!

I got the brakes fixed today, and it'll need to get the grate in
the front and the rear taillight fixed to pass inspection, but
those are minor. The mechanic took a gander at the engine and was
like, "it's running smoothly, you have nothing to worry about it.
Drive it!"


So, the $1000 I had budgetted for fixing the car will end up being
over twice what I needed... happy happy happy...

and this means I CAN GET MY BIKES FIXED!!! (No, not motor, sorry
to some of my friends.) I figure I'll be in the neighborhood next
week anyway, so I'll just pop on the back bike rack (I have one
for up top too for mabbe an Ohiopyle trip later this summer) and
take both in to the bike shop and finally get the brakes on both
(and a lot more than that on the road bike) in good working order.
Kinda important when you live on a large hill. :)


Ok, happygwen is gonna wander off and get directions to the campsite
to Sarah, and her car packed for tomorrow now. Woot!!!!

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