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Status update.

So, someone didn't know that I was still looking for a job, since I never post all the gripes I have about job hunting here. It's just not a pattern I want to get into. But I guess I should post a status update occasionally, so here it is.

-- I'm still looking for a job. I often wonder if I were male, if I'd have this much trouble in this city.
-- I'm debating just moving to the Bay Area so that I could be "local" and find a job out there. Bay Area has the advantages for me of: lots of UNIX, less of the problem i just mentioned. Disadvantage: It's really expensive, and I hate moving somewhere without a foundation of a job. I also wouldn't really be able to afford anywhere to stay.
-- I'm so bored, I'm sewing my Halloween costume. No, really.
-- I am in two choirs now, the same ELPC Chancel Choir I've been in, and now the Renaissance City Choir.
-- Mom's in a wheelchair due to foot surgery, so I get to be her keeper for a bit.
-- My WoW characters are progressing nicely, at least.

Yah, see, this is why I haven't been talking about my own life. I'll update again when things turn around.

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