gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Ok, pinball is done. That was a lot of fun all weekend.

To explain to the folks playing at home why I've been so frazzled... I did scoring for B Division for six hours yesterday. This meant that I was running back and forth between 8 pinball machines as people finished their games on them, scoring the results, and then announcing who got to play that machine next. This meant 6 hours of managing overlapping queues of people. It was so bad, someone brought me pizza for dinner at some point, and I didn't have a chance to even get one bite of food for an hour. It was very cold by the time I actually consumed all of it.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that half of the A/C was broken in a room filled with 200 sweaty pinball players, and 40 heat-generating pinball machines. So, all this time I was running around on my feet, it was about 85F (29C). Woot!

But! I had much much fun. Lots in B kept saying I was doing a great job, I got to know the regulars of these things a lot more, and I just generally was able to feel useful (oh yah, I also helped break down and haul off the pinball machines today). And I got to play... even though I did pretty badly, it was good to just play. Plus, it's just always neat to watch people play in these things.

Oh! And the funniest moment of the weekend for me was when we were discussing the guys who came from Japan to be in this... Kevin mentioned that one speaks a smidgen of english, and the other knows just enough to say "quarters!"

Forward goodness.... Brett's going to start back up League, and I told him I'd help with that. And next year, Kevin's announced that Pinburgh 2003 will ALSO be PAPA 7. Oh my gawd, that is just so awesome, I will finally play in PAPA. :) :) :) :) :)

K, that's been my weekend. Now for Punk Karaoke and a couple days off putzing around doing stuff before work again.

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