gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Public Schooling.

The New York Times articles I URL'ed earlier have apparently spawned a lot of talking about the American Class System and how it's rooted in schooling (NPR was discussing it during our lunch outing today, frex). Well, none of this is really news to me... in fact, most people have wondered why I have a strong commitment to the public schools, and this is why.

OK, that's a bit out of hand if you've not been reading the articles. Basically, it says that (surprise) higher-income students have a greater liklihood of making it in the elite schools, and thus have a higher liklihood of success in life. Well, no shit.

But I see the public schools as being the chance to educate lower-income students very well.... if only others shared my vision. But if my ideal fantasies about this could play out, our society as a whole could be in a better position to meet the needs of today's US markets, to make better decisions about political processes, or even be better consumers. I mean, the educational system *is* what we have as the foundation to the society, and most people go to public schools in America.

And thus, now you all know my reasons for being so strongly behind public schooling. And to my mind, supporing public schooling means I go to it, I involve myself in it, I contribute to it. And thus, I dedicate myself to going to public schools only.. it's just a part of my ethics. Yes, I know that I alone can't change the whole system, but I can change my own little part of it.

(And if I ever do attain my goal of being a professor, I'll only teach at public schools.)

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