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Took my first test for the class, was pretty much the first done.
There were a couple finer grain things I didn't memorize fully,
like the specific ranges on all the primitive data types (though,
I could supply how much memory each consumed!) so I'll get a few
points deducted for that. But overall I'm sure I did well. :)

The professor had cookies out for us for when we completed the test
too. I thought that was funny.

After that went to mom's to chat with her, and we were discussing
the tight crunch that Ben and Kathy (my brother and sisinlaw) go
through trying to schedule Kathy-family and ours; and I mentioned
that because of this I missed the last Christmas with Grandfather
.. at which point I started to cry. I guess I hadn't really thought
of that before.

So, my mom being my mom, of course started scolding me for putting
her on the spot. I mean, not like that. It went roughly like
(imagine tears streaming down my face this whole while):

[me] ... well, because of that I missed grandfather's last christmas.
[mom] Well, you guys blacklisted me out of the previous christmas.
[me] Uh, mom? We invited you, and you didn't want to go.
[mom] Well, you had plenty of other chance to see your grandfather,
[me] Mom, do you realize how callous this is?
[mom] Well, why are you saying I did this to you?
[me] I didn.. oh, fuck it. Goodbye mom.

At which point mom started making noises about wanting to talk it
out, tried to physically grab me to keep me from leaving, etc etc.
In other words, just the usual crap she does. Yay. So now y'all
know why I always say my mom is insane. I will also note that I
didn't, in fact, see my g-pa again until he was on his deathbed;
I was spending those two months after xmas avoiding mom after the
whole throwing-me-out of the house fiasco. Gah.

But then I went over to Zombo's and hung out with Ray, Kashmira,
and eolh. And I got a couple good scores on Junkyard, so I'm
all happy now.

HEY! ts4z! You coming out for Pinburgh this weekend???

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