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So, after talking to the auto mechanics, doesn't look like the
engine's gonna get fixed today. Or anytime in the very near future,
unless it totally dies and requires it. And it's going to be a
lot more than originally quoted. This means no Explorer going to
Nick Cave. This presents a large problem. I guess I'll figure
something out (mabbe rent a car or something)... but it's pretty

And I made the mistake of asking mom to pick me up from the mechanics
since I was on the other side of town from home and figured I could
wait for the car to be done at her place and get sleep. Without
asking, we stopped for her breakfast, and she's been NON STOP
TALKING for the past two hours. I mean, I'm STARING INTO SPACE
TIRED and she's blathering on and on and on and on. And it wouldn't
be so bad if it were even about meaningless shit, but she has this
long list of details of all the faults of all of her friends (this
list never varies, btw) that she continually has to expound upon.
I really hate the negativity. I really really really really really
hope I'm never like that. :(


Ok, gonna go try to sleep despite her continual mumblings just doing
stuff around the house.

I really hope I wake up to some good news about the car in 5 hours.

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