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mmm, spending money.

Ok, so I got up, was pretty much just online to check email before
running out the door to get the bike to the shop in time when Geoff
asked for a ride to Staples (his planned ride bailed). Ok, sure,
Geoff's not far from the bike shop anyway, so I told him to wait
long enough for me to stop by mom's to give her a check and pick
up the bike, then take that to the bike shop. Which I did.

Btw, my bike will be fixed by sometime this weekend. I'm thinking
about taking it up the Montour Run Bike Trail on Monday daytime
(I'm off work until Tues night), so if anyone local is off work and
wants to go with me, feel free to let me know. I have bike racks
to hold four bikes!

Ok, anyway, got to Geoff's, went to Staples where I picked up a
white board for home so that I can work on my programming assignments
there (you have no idea how useful those are for concept development),
and a cheap microphone since apparently I have free net2phone calling
now, figured I'd try it out sometime later this week. Then he
dragged me to the mall for the two computer game shops, I picked
up a memory card for the N64 so that now I can play Turok 2 and
Perfect Dark!

And, uh, that's pretty much my day. Woot!

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