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Unknown Armies, pt 1

So, I have 8 players. I didn't really expect everyone to show up, but there it goes. But despite that, things seemed to move with less chaos and crap that you'd normally get with that many players. Anyway, the story...

The characters:
-- Adam Mansen, a services kind of guy who likes danger.
-- Alfred Steen, his wheelchair is his mobility, his books are his life.
-- Rex Calhoun, a drifter, squatter, thief.
-- Notice, the girl with the robokitty and a ghostbusters pack.
-- Keehaw Shattie, a candy raver who managed to make alcoholism cool.
-- Red, nobility never looked so good... in Oakland at least.
-- Hank Kesser, that obnoxious radio show host.
-- O, you get the feeling she can be deadly.

Everyone knew Mr. Dude somehow. He's someone's uncle, someone's poker buddy, someone's coke dealer... etc., everyone had some sort of bond with him. So they all get a note, "They're coming for me. Please come to the glass factory in the Southside." Only one knew this was his real office, O. When the group got there, they only saw each other and were bewildered. O strode towards his private office within and found the half eaten sandwich and lukewarm coffee sitting at his desk. Everyone searched for clues, inside and outside the back office.

Adam Mansen found the unopened letter in the mail containing newspaper cutouts spelling, "We KNow WhAT yOu'RE uP To. wE wIlL nOT sTanD FoR iT." Red and O found the receipt for a booth at the next day's Southside Spectacular (local neighborhood fair). Notice searched the garbage and found papers with lost of tightly woven numbers on them, one of which had everyone's name on it.

O tried the phone, and found it dead. At that moment, the front door of the factory slammed shut. Rex Calhoun ran out, saw that there were 12 cops in the factory and immediately hid. Adam was behind him, but the attention of the cops fell on Hank Kesser, who managed to come out with his gun drawn. "PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPON!" came the cry, and Hank appeased them with a bit of fast talk and authoritarian pose.

As the cops started to talk to Hank, O threw a distraction to the other side of the cops. They turned and fired blindly as an almost hair trigger response. O came out firing upon them, yelling that the cops were actually fake, and shot upon one of the "cops". The others started running for the back bay door... Rex got there first, only to discover that there were three padlocks on the door. He started to pick the locks, got one undone, but Red took care of the rest with two well-aimed shots. Meanwhile, O was taking damage, but successfully covering the others' departure out the back door.

Once out the back door, they had to get down the loading dock platform. Red got Alfred's wheelchair down the narrow stairs and the others followed down while O's last flash bomb distracted the fake cops from coming outside too quickly. They had just enough time to arrange meeting at the King's Court in Oakland, and get to their cars and drive off.... Except that Adam decided to remain behind and keep an eye on what the fake cops were doing. The fake cops noticed the car departure, and set off in their own from the front.

The characters who immediately fled had grouped into three cars: Red driving Keehaw and Notice; O driving Rex; Hank driving Alfred. Each of the cars found two cop cars on their tail...

O immediately went into driving patterns designed to lose the followers, but they couldn't be shaken. Rex tried to help by concentrating on the driver behind them... but failed miserably. He thought they'd lost the car, but suddently there was one of the cars blocking the road in front of them. O drove around this car only to be smashed into by the previously tailing car, totalling both cars in the crash, and placing the two characters between the dead aim of 4 fake cops.

Hank and Alfred headed down the long path of Carson into Homestead to take a circuitous route, apparently to piss off as many drivers as possible along the way. Hank then concentrated his accumulated anger on one of the drivers behind him.... and failed. However, Alfred was able to concentrate successfully on the other driver, who immediately broke out in hysterical and uncontrollable laughter. Hank ducked through Homestead yelling loud racial slurs at the crowd, and was able to successfuly concentrate on the first driver this time, who then started following the wrong guy. Hank took a moment to cause a major traffic jam at a particularly sore intersection, and headed to Oakland safely.

Meanwhile, Hank had gotten to his car without trouble or tails. As he was driving through the southside, he saw two of the group in the middle of a very bad accident, the fake cops on either side. He drove up and got them into his car (after a few failed attempts at getting the cars closer together), and then drove off as bullets broke panes of glass, and scraped O's shoulder. One of the cars was still able to follow, and Rex tried to concentrate on the driver once again... to no avail. In fact when O blew out the two front tires of the car, they somehow managed to keep up even still. Then O sent a shot straight through the forehead of the driver... the last thing she saw was the panic of the passenger as his side headed straight for a pole.

The last group was Red's car.... He saw the tails, and made a few thoughts. Then he calmly drove into Oakland. Just after his car passed Forbes and McKee, a sit-in protest of street punks materialised out of nowhere, and halted all traffic. The fake cops were unable to go anywhere.

After all were safely at the King's Court, they decided on the next step for finding Guy Dude, which was to find that booth at the Spectacular. Then they figured out where they were sleeping for the night; while four slept at the Court, many returned home. Those who went home noticed the strange cars outside their homes. When all woke up the next morning, all felt incredibly disoriented......

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