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The Small World that is Pittsburgh.

I have a friend I've known since '95 online. slog knows
him, of course, and some of the rest of you know of him.. it's
Jonrc, or "Sparkster" on resort. So, last night he bounced in at
me, waited until I was done fixing some mail problems for someone,
and then bounced more.

"So, remember how I was telling you about Lisa?"
(Lisa is a girl who's housewarming party he attended this past weekend)
"yup, did you finally get a date?"
"no, nothing like that."
"she's from pittsburgh."

Ok, so, for those of you not familiar with the Pittsburgh syndrome,
it's that we ALL KNOW EACH OTHER. And this story is the proof.

"Where's she from, doo?"
"she graduated from a school that had 1200 ppl in it, I know."
"oh, hrmm, well.. what year?"
"'95 maybe"
"She prolly knows my brother, ask her if she knows 'Ben Schmidt'"
"yah, she says he's married to her best friend from high school."
"YOU KNOW FUCKER?????????"

After this point was a bunch of me spazzing about him knowing Fucker,
and him trying to sort out that I actually meant Fucker as a name,
not as some sort of transient expletive. :)

Not sold yet? Jon then decides he's gotta see if us Pittsburgh
people know his other pgh friend, and asks if we know Chris Hardouin.
Well, the name's familiar I say, but dunno. So he web searches...
finds this guy's picture on Deeana Rubin's web site. Oh, geez, I
say, go back and talk to my coworker Chuck... "Who's Chris Hardouin?"
.. "Oh! I used to hang out with him my freshman year!"

Yes, truly, we ALL know each other. There are no degrees of
separation, just one massive goo that is the social workings of
this city.

For those who've been able to stick with this entry who aren't from
CMU or Pittsburgh already and know this, I go up to almost anyone
here, and they'll point to someone and say that that person is the
center of the city and knows everyone here (I'm one of the people
pointed to in certain circles), but I've discovered that, honestly,
this really does apply no matter who it is you point to provided
they've lived here more than 2 years.

This means we really are, no really, one big massive goo. We don't
resemble any linear flow chart like are presented online every so
often, it's impossible. We're not even a web (like the infamous
local Web of Shame). We're goo. Our interactions resemble that
of the molecules of viscuous matter, at some point we all meet each
other, then goo off elsewhere again, consuming everything in our
path along the way..

And people wonder why I keep trying to get the fuck out of here. :)

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