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My friends are waq.

This is reposted from a chatline, but I thought folks outside of that would find this amusing:

    So we were playing X-Men Legends tonight, multiplayer. Josh was playing Rogue, Aleris was playing Wolverine (I give the real names for reference here).

    Josh kept managing to jump off ledges, over walls, or whatever he could lemming off. We started to call him Lemming too.

    Aleris was, of course, giving him the most ragging about this. "OK, someone's over the ledge again! Oh look, it's Josh!" "Josh, would you stop being a lemming for five seconds????" etc.

    So then Josh discovered that Rogue is strong enough to throw Wolverine around.....

    Over anything went Wolverine, with Aleris yelling, "ARGH!!! Quit that!!!!"

    Then we were all on a plateau right after a battle waiting to charge up, and Josh started chasing Aleris... so on the screen is Wolverine running around in circles with Rogue close behind, and Aleris yelling in real life, "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FREAK!!!!!"

    Then Rogue died and Aleris refused to revive her. Problem solved.

I love my friends. :)

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