gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Internation Art Exhibit @Carnegie

The International Art Exhibit at the Carnegie was free to students tonight, so Bonnie, Aleris, and I went to see it. The exhibits pretty much were dead on great, or really not. Highlights, though:

Robert Crumb's comic work and sketches. I especially liked the picture of three guys in baseball caps standing around Jesus yelling, "FUCK YOU QUEER JEW!"

Fernando Bryce's imagery from Revolucion in South America and Mexico.

Julie Mehretu abstract mural-sized paintings. Very interesting way of putting a lot of geometric shapes together so that it looks like a windstorm just scattered concepts across the wall.

Ugo Rondinone's hexagonal room with six videos of a guy and a girl walking alone (usually half the videos devoted to one, other half to the other) through the streets of Paris. I got dizzy in there after spinning around trying to see all of it at once, and we lost Aleris in it for a while.

Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook's Reading Inaow for Female Corpse was just beautiful in a very touching way -- She reads to people who die without family so that they have appropriate burials, and shares the last rites through video.

Lee Bontecou's sculptures of .... almost science fiction abstractions was just fantastic.

Katarzyna Kozyra did a stop animation ballet with older people who are doing the ballet postures while horizontal, all set to The Rite of Spring. The people were also "naked" except that they had strap on genitalia of the opposite gender.

Anne Chu had really neat statues based on Chinese mythology, and things out of Philip K. Dick's bad dreams.

Paul Chan's Now Let Us Praise American Leftists was funny by using FACES (the law enforcement software used to create digital sketches) to create the lower parts of the faces of leftists (all labelled at the end).

So those were the parts I found really worthwhile in the exhibit.

Plus, it was good to spend time with Bonnie and Aleris, of course. :)

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