gwen (gwenix) wrote,

oh, and I guess I should note my day.

First I went to the Chez wedding. I was late, but I was still asked to sign the "witness register", so I did. Yes, they've been acting married for the past two years. Fine, fine. :)

Most of the time I was at the picnic, I was tossing the ring frisbee and chatting with sk4p. I hadn't really seen him in a while, and it was about time to do some catching up, so yup. Hi Shawn! We should go to coffee anyway, despite my not having as many bitches and moans right now. MORE TIME FOR YOURS! Hee.

Then I hung with dirque, Kevin, and Joe... took them home and stayed at Kevin and Joe's place for pizza dinner, meanwhile I spent some time finishing up my studying/homework. Then we played some nifty board game, then headed to Punk Karaoke night. Sorry eolh, I said I wasn't going to go, but didn't realize I'd finish up so quickly. And yes this is Kevin Moore, your coworker. He's promised to come again sometime?

Anyway, had a blast. Spaz outshone the whole night, of course, with his perverse rendition of "Push It" by Salt N Pepa. For those not local and do not know the phenomenon that is Spaz... Spaz has very short, multicolored hair (right now it's actually fairly tame, being a solid blue rather than plaid or tiger striped), palest guy with a very wide face and huge eyes, and almost nothing to his body which he shows off with tight clothes. Yes, he looks like a cross between an anime character and a clown; but he does so in such an incredible way, and such vibration in everything he does, he's "Spaz". Anyway... the highlight of his rendition of the song was when he was humping a chair. I love Punk Karaoke night!

Ok! Good day! I go to bed early now!

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