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On a more personal note...

First and foremost, finals:

It's finals week! Yay stress! I got about half my distillation for my SE final done today, I should get the other half done tomorrow afternoon, then I start the process of cramming the info I've listed out for myself into my brain for the final. I really hate finals that require so much memorization, because I'm just no good at it.

On the other hand, for *most* of my finals, I can get a D on the final and still get a B in the class. Algorithms is graded wonkily though, and basically he's assessing our grade on what we get on the final. So no guarantees there, oh well.

Secondly, the semblance of a social life:

I've *GONE OUT* the past two nights! It's been marvelous! Like, last night I was sitting at the table with dutin, beeporama, dorothymonkey, et al, and I remarked, "You know, this is the first weekend I haven't had a major thing to do on the Software Engineering project in .... two months?" Ok, that was a bit of an exageration, I didn't do anything on it on Thanksgiving weekend... but I was working on it right up until and starting right after. Sigh.

Anyway, last night we saw a ... variety show? It was a band remaking the Jim Henson christmas special live, and with audience participation. They staged a talent show with the skit intact, but had members of the audience come up to be the local talent, much like an open mic night. It was a *LOT* of fun, especially as I was hanging out with a lot of people with very silly senses of humour, complementing what was going on on stage.

Tonight Craven and I headed out to see the Renaissance City Choirs' holiday concert, "Holidays, Bright and GAY!". Oh man, was that wonderful. The music was fantastic, but moreover they also had a few audience participation things that was a lot of fun. They did the Twelve Days of Christmas such that each section of the audience had a day to sing: during our day we were to stand up, sing our part, and do some hand gestures that played out the part. Well, the people with "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!" were in the balcony at the back of the church, and were given neon glow necklaces.... so they TOTALLY hammed up their part. After they sung, each iteration got successively louder as the other parts then scrambled to compete for the attention. I was totally laughing my ass off. Like, I think I fell out of my seat I was laughing so hard. Just wonderful stuff.

Plus! I got to see COYOTE (for those from the old Zone Table days)! Yay!

I'm in good happy mood, had two good days of actually being *social*. Woot!

Now back to the grind of finals... sigh.

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