gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Mud amusement.

I decided I really needed to share this with everyone, particularly since a few friends are jewish.

gwen: Oh! I have an amusing story from my mud!
Bruce: Yes?
gwen: So I got on last night to play for an hour or so before bed, and since I've become able to enter the mining guild, I've become bored with mining. So I decided to work on my fishing skill.
Bruce: By throwing rocks at them? :)
gwen: The mechanism for fishing is to click on your mode of fishing (like a net) and then the water... and then it just goes and goes while you "catch fish" until either your bag is full, or the fishing waters have moved.
gwen: But if I turn away to do soemthing else while that goes, inevitably I'm logged off because the waters moved, or whatever.
gwen: So I must pay attention while this automatic (and slow) process works.
gwen: I've taken to "singing" while fishing.
gwen: Mostly I just start typing out lyrics to various songs I know, and since Channukah is next week, I've been singing a lot of related songs.
gwen: I get told I'm weird, odd, and other assortment of wondeful epitaphs.
gwen: I guess no one knows hebrew on my mud. :)
Bruce laughs.

In other news, I'm really busy with school, surprise. Anyone with my AIM ID will note I'm "on", but please don't msg me tonight -- I only have it turned on right now for communication with the members of my project group. Fortunately, that should be done by tomorrow. (This admonishment does not apply to those members of my group, of course:)

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