gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Weakening dollar? and other politics

I was just reading the PG, and found this wonderful piece on the weakening dollar. I say it's wonderful because it very frankly discusses all of the facts, influences, and factors of the problem, and doesn't give either "things will be bright, shiney, and happy!" or "we're all going to DIIIIIEEE!" at the end. Well, really, more aptly, it says both. :)

In other news, GWB has nominated NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik for Tom Ridge's position as Secretary of Homeland Security. Please be warned about this guy, though. He's responsible for stuff like, calling for the arresting of Critical Mass riders despite a judge saying that the riders are legal, or the RNC arrestees put in a makeshift rented wharf warehouse space packed in and kept in despicable conditions despite federal regulations; the last I heard a judge was questioning this pretty harshly. You know it's bad when I know I'm going to wish Ridge were back in the position. He's a sniveling bastard, but at least he renders himself totally ineffective by it.

In the more amusing, Sorry, Everybody held a concert.

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