gwen (gwenix) wrote,

rant rant

<gwen> I rant rant rant a moment about Verizon tech support!
<gwen> I just needed to put a new DSL modem in, because the old one was having issues.
<gwen> like, the ethernet port falling out.
<gwen> and I call up tech support
<gwen> and this kid is just being all like "I'm a computer person" at me for about fifty different things. Like at some point I was saying "mum" and he said, "I'm a computer person, I don't know about these flowers."
<gwen> I was like, "It's also a parental figure."
<gwen> So I'm sitting here staring at a window that shows the account information cached for a pop-up window, and I said, "wow, my browser already cached that."
<gwen> he said, "I don't think so, because it'd be difficult to program that into your browser."
<gwen> I finally had it.
<gwen> I said, "Really, do you program?"
<gwen> him, "yes."
<gwen> me, "In what?"
<gwen> him, "Java."
<gwen> me, "Ah, that's why you think it's difficult."
<gwen> though, FRANKLY, it'd be easier in Java than in any other language.
<gwen> grrrr!

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