gwen (gwenix) wrote,

I finally had a cyberpunk dream..

I was running around an old school when I ran into Druschel. Only, he looked different... like his face was the same, but his body was very very different. He gave me a big hug, and while we were chatting about stuff, he suddenly took his head off and put it in a cart next to him. While we continued chatting, some nanobots came by and cleaned his body, after which he replaced his head. It was then I saw the electrical strips allowing his head to control his body. I asked him when that happened:

me: So, I gotta ask, when'd this happen?
Druschel: that's what I love about you gwen, you just ask it direct.

He then went to a viewer, and had me hook into it. I then watched... no, I *experienced* a recording of him running from some army of something (I couldn't quite see what, but they were mechanical), and then diving under a door. Only, he didn't quite make it and the door sliced him in half at the shoulder.... actually, I got to the point where the door got to his shoulder and jumped out of the viewer. I couldn't take the actual experience of being sliced in half.

Druschel: Yah, it was rough. Thank god someone was there to save my head.

I then got on the elevator to go downstairs and leave the building, only just as I got to the door outside, I got a message on my wiretap: "gwen, someone's going in to assassinate Druschel. Figure out who it is and stop them." I looked around at the many suspects coming in, and then flipped on my BadGuyVision (ok, I dunno what it was called, but that's clearly what it was). One of the lanky guys with a long ponytail stood out, and as I watched I saw the tell-tale inverting of the eyes, indicating a remote control of the body. Oh yah, that's the one.

I couldn't deal with it outside though, his army was clearly all about. So I ran back to the elevator to go up to protect Druschel. I realized that this would take too slow, so I hit the stairs and ran up the three flights. I got to Druschel, and he asked why I was back so soon. "I'm actually a secret operative, and I'm here to save your ass..." and then I heard the thumping on the stairs behind me.....

That's when I woke up.

I told y'all.... Jerry Bruckheimer totally directs my dreams.

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