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A close day in the US.

I'm posting my experiences in the past 24 hours for my own reference in the future, primarily, and possibly to let some of the outside of the US people into the country virtually for a moment.

I woke up at 9am, chipper, took my shower in a record 5 minutes, and then discussed the elections online for two hours with friends. Were polls bad, were there any troubles, etc. By noon, I wandered out the door to head to my polling place, then catch the bus to campus.

As I got outside, it was bright, and a balmy (and unexpected) 77F (25C). I walked through recently fallen leaves admiring the pumpkins still left on porches, and was joined by a lot of people on foot or in their cars clearly coming from or going to the same polling station. When I got there, it wasn't crowded, but busy. But calm enough for me to chat with the elections people (neighbors of mine, actually). I also noted that the books showed almost everyone had already been in to vote. I voted, then went up into the commercial area of my neighborhood to catch a bus.

When I got there, Kerry supporters were in full swing with signs and smiles, greeting people and cars, and encouraging voting. I walked past this, and got on my bus, laughing when I realized I saw Wandi as one of them across the street as the bus pulled away.

When I got to campus, the Kerry swarms were omnipresent. And loud. Cars were honking frequently to announce their support as well. That's when I started to think it was madness... so I went up to Craven's office and we headed to lunch before class, discussing the latest polls, that exit polls weren't going to be published, etc.

I got back online from class, and there was much more of the same discussion. But early exit polls were giving Kerry a good margin ahead, somehow. That's about when I started to get excited. I survived my next class cut off from the information highway (and got my last class registration fixed), then returned to the madness of information discussing exit polls, elections problems, and everything else until I had to leave for the radio show.

When I got outside, I noticed that the line for the poll by Towers was extending across the bridge above the road, and out of sight. That... was really something to see.

I got to the radio show, and we were even more disorganized than usual, because most of our content was still coming in. We even got discombobulated with some mad scrambling at the last moment getting in some breaking news about troubles at local polls. We'd run out of provisional ballots. People were turned away from polls, but should go back. Lines were exceedingly long in some places.

I got home, and left a message for my mom (who was working polls herself) wishing a good night's sleep for whenever she was able to get home, and that I was headed to the colony for watching the numbers come in.

And the numbers came in, and came in, and came in. And it's 3am now, and they still are. All night, we've watched in fascination about how turmoiled the numbers have been. Then Ohio was called, but we couldn't figure out how with not enough of the results in to decide, but they still called it. People started drifting off and going home, so I came home.

I type at you now. Things are still tossed up, but look like they'll go to Bush. And I am in a state of disbelief and denial...

You see, after everything today, I actually got hope somewhere.

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