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Dammit, electronics hate me today.

First I get into my car, try to start it, and the whole electric system failed. Much later AAA showed up (much later because I just went to class and called after I got back), and found that it was corrosion around the battery causing problems in the connections. It was still acting funny at the shop, though, so they're going to look at it on Monday (feels like some connections are still loose).

Then, I get back inside and was going to move the DSL modem to a phone line that can't get a filter on it (the other side is unreachable atm), so that I could put a phone on the phone line I can get a filter on in my room. I decided that while I was doing that, I'd shut down the computer and restart after everything was back together (since I knew I'd be jostling things around).

Well.... trying to turn the computer back on proved impossible, since, well, it died. Big bad won't even show BIOS death. ARGH!

So I went to the storage area where I have all kinds of backup parts, and got a backup system out... came back and proceeded to carefully run through the list of things that could be wrong, starting with the RAM. Well, it is the RAM... sortof. Given that all cards work in the first slot, sorta work in the second.... and not at all in the third. Yah, the seats are dead.

So, I just have everything up for a moment until I figure out if this backup motherboard is 450+ or less (if less, go find the 450 or 667 mobos I have lying around in the storage area), then move all of the internals over.

Dammit, the big problem is, I don't have time for this.

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