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6am posting!

Heh, wonder what icon will come up for "ponderous", if any. Thank
you Someone for that one. :)

Been a busy night here at pair, one server went down, someone else's
databases are acting weird; spent much of the night futzing with
the both of them trying to get them back into working condition.
The downed server is back up with the customer happy that it seems
to have survived the drive swap (manual!) flawlessly. The databases
guy went to sleep when I had to ask him questions about what's
wrong, so I can't really do much more for him.

After all that stress has died down, I'm getting angsty about
relationships, or lack thereof, in my life again. I'm sure this
is just another passing phase, though... I'll feel better after a
bit of sleep. It's amazing what you can overcome with sleep and

Looking very much forward to getting out into the middle of nowhere
with Ray, Sarah, and Alex, though. Yay NO PEOPLE! Yay just sitting
around a fire and drinking booze!

OH YAH! I'll be able to drink!!! I didn't think of that until
now, woooooooOOOOooooooOOOooo, no driving, can drink!!!!!!

Ok, so it's only been two weeks since I last drank at all, and
three since I last got drunk; but honestly, kicking back and drinking
around a fire sounds just soooo yummy. whee!

And then I return to VNV NATION AND HAUJOBB PLAYING! Ok, yes,
these are more cheesy technoindustrial/ebm bands, but having seen
them before, they're just such wonderfully energetic shows that
I'm really looking forward to it.

And one last word of hope for my friend Roni. I doubt she'll read
this, but she's going through rough times right now, and I really
wish I were still in the same city with her so I could be there for
her in more than a virtual sense. :(

Ok, spam out, y0.

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