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my life.

Ok, I realized I haven't been saying much about my life specifically
this week, so I'll attempt to summarize now.

I'm still quit of smoking. I'm doing better than the hallucination
night, but I also still feel pretty floaty. Geoff mentioned today
that this will last three months. Yay.

It's been hot, as I implied in the weather forecast post. Yup.

The both of the above has left me really sleepy and air-headed. Not
a combination I like to portray about myself, so this should explain
my posts this week (silent but for crack-filled pieces).


This is not to say I'm depressed, angsty, or anything. In fact, I'm
pretty happy. Things are going pretty well for me right now, and I
do appreciate that (hell, I'd not be attempting to quit smoking if
they weren't). I'm also still really busy -- I have my first exam
next week so studying for it this weekend (might have to miss Adam's
BBQ for that reason, argh), still in the Lunars game (I have the
notes to post to here, I just haven't yet), and still doing well in

Ok, that's about it. I'm boring again!
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