gwen (gwenix) wrote,

good lord!

So, I've been meaning to go downtown and get my voter's registration fixed. Backstory: last time I voted was 1992... not because I didn't want to vote, but because everywhere I've moved, my registration got fubared somehow and I couldn't vote.

A dozen years later, I just gave up on filling out and sending in the zillions of change of address or other forms of "can I please have my voting card now?" Like, I've been meaning to just go downtown and get this fixed face to face with someone who had control and could FIX IT ALREADY. Like, even today I was putting my need to do that on my task list. I just, uh, haven't gotten around to it yet (I was going to go on Friday, as I have four hours of dead time anyway.)

Well, get this. I get home, pull the mail out of the mailbox.....

And they sent me my voter's registration card.

Bwa? So apparently, the trick to getting one is to not ask for it.


Well, that task off my list at least :)

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