gwen (gwenix) wrote,

another meme thing.

It's the "stuff you've done" or whatnot meme.

the scar you're most proud ofMy broken arm scar! All four of them!
your favourite condimentpesto
if you have frecklesyup
your preferred method of cookingI'll do the dishes. It's safer that way.
what shoes you're wearingnone. I'm at home.
how many children you haveno thank you.
the first person you french kissedprobably Bleys
your preferred breed of dogcat -- maine coon or chartreuse. dog -- meh, large, but only if I have space for it and someone else is pooperscoopering.
where you were bornMagee Woman's Hospital, like everyone else in Pittsburgh.
what colour underwear you're wearingunderwear?
where your keys are right nowhmmm. downstairs somewhere. Prolly on the piano.
if you have split endsjust got my hair cut last week!
when you last got laidnot last week.
your opinion on airline foodit's never vegetarian, so I have no opinion.
what cosmetic surgery you would considerI wouldn't.
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onThe ground.
your worst maladyUterus infection. Put me in the hospital longer than when I broke my arm.
if your mum loves your dadYes, though lately she's been going through the anger phase of grief.
if you can sing wellI hope so.
what your olympic event would beCatan. Heh -- we *just* had "goth_olympics" game on the online catan server. Real answer? I need to get back into the pool again.
someone you admirelots of people.
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapthe one I can't name.
the last time you criedthat's personal.
your most interesting sexual congress locationI hate the government in my sex. (Yes, I'm avoiding the question)
part of the Sunday papers you read firstThe first part I see.
the languages you speakEnglish, trying to speak French again. Losing the latter battle.
the religion you were raised inthat's a long story. The best way to sum it up is: agnosticism.
if you can draw wellnewp
your favourite photographI haven't taken it yet.
what you should be doing instead of thiscleaning.


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