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Yah, so, it's been a while since I've made a meaningful post to this. Well, I'm not sure I have much better right now. I have been pondering the idea of modern technology as magic again (I know, not a new or novel idea), but I haven't quite got the verse phrased in my head to put it to (virtual) paper just yet. Why bother? Well, because .. surprise, as a goth ... I'm finding I have a pretty dark take on it, and I'm not sure how to capture that essence in prose.

As for the political front. Uhm. Well, there's not much for me to say, since it's all the same ole same ole, and it's all proving to the worst of our fears. Mostly I'm looking ahead at the state of civil rights, etc, and hoping we don't have another Kent State massacre to prove just how bad things have become. Of course, given what happened in Miami last November, I suspect that if something like Kent State were to occur today..... well, it'd be the protestor's fault and proof that a more brutal system is a great idea. Bah.

Oh yah, an old coworker was killed in a plane crash in the Rockies this week. Add that to Frank Ogiri-Little and the Hardy Lloyd crap.. I'm in a bit of a morose and ruminative mood. Apologies for the dark tone of this post as a result.

So! The good news, though. I'm getting the room I'm moving into sorted out, and finding that somehow by filling my mom's old space with my stuff instead of hers, there's more room in here. How does that work?

Also, I'm off to Chicago for a week starting tomorrow. Visiting my old high school friend Ranju!!!! And my more recent friend Sonya. Yay vacation!

But it means I'm offline from tomorrow (Friday) night until the following Friday. Gone gwen!!

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