gwen (gwenix) wrote,

politics and terror

Given the subject, I'm sure you're expecting that I post another bit on the suspens... er, postponment of the election. But I think just browsing your friends' list, and especially mine, will cover that enough. I'll say that d33ann posted a good piece about it, and my brother, freeptop covered the consequences pretty concisely.

Anyway, this is interesting. Ok, sure, us leftists have been insisting that the war would add to terroristic threats and a strengthening of the terrorist network for the past couple years, but when the BBC posts an article where a "top intelligence official" says it, there's more weight to the arguement.

The official said Washington's support for tyrannical regimes, its unqualified support for Israel and its presence in Iraq and Saudi Arabia were all policies that should be debated.

Well, I'm surprised. Really.

If anyone in the UK can tape and digitize that interview for me, please do so. :)

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