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and, heh, dreamlogue.

While napping during camping, I dreamt I was living at my mom's
house again. Kids kept tramping through it freely (which is often
a theme in my mom's house, it's the open place it was when I was a
kid, not the paranoid lockup it is now), only they all had machine
guns strapped to their backs. I went down the street to visit a
neighbor, and started babysitting her kid. What happens here is
sketchy, right about when I picked up the kid, things started to

Like, messages of weird natures would be left where I could see
them so that I'd know this one group (I forget its name now) was
watching me. And the weirdest part of this, I *knew* it. I *knew*
when, where, how, and with what they were watching me... and I
didn't care. Like, the enormity of my apathy of my privacy being
blatantly invaded by this group whose sole purpose seemed to be to
ANNOY ME was truly amazing. Except that I also knew that they were
only there to annoy me, which usually instills a reaction in me of
just plain ignoring them (anything else would just be a waste of
my time, and give them what they want).

And so the dream sorta went like this, the kid and I wandering
around the world, ignoring the group out to get me even more with
each attempt they made to prove to me that they were there. I even
at some point met up with point5b even though I've yet
to meet him irl, and confused him by staring at him with one eyebrow
raised when he gave me one of the messages. I don't really remember
much of the other adventures except that automatic weaponry in this
dream-world of mine seems to be the norm amongst everyone, young
and old.

Anyway, at some point I actually got a note (before this I'd seen
the messages in graffiti on the walls, on TV, in billboards, etc
etc etc... yes, my dream was being that egocentric) from them
informing me, "If you'd like to see the kid again, go to the place
we've been trying to get you to go to..."

Which was just all kinds of inept since the kid was still with me.

Then I woke up.

Man, I can't even have effective conspiracy theories in my dreams.

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