gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Origins wrapup, aka Catan ate my Con!

OK, I was going to do this last night, but my mom's computer decided to kill its mouse driver rendering it as a useless Mac. I will fix this eventually (with an upgrade to OSX), but for now it means I'm not online at night for the most part.

Anyway, ORIGINS! I break this up into parts.

First, the bad news, my car:

On the way into Origins on Thursday night, my car started smelling like gas. But! Just on the outside, it wasn't coming through the vent at all.... so I just kept pressing forward having no choice of turning back. I got to bluelang's (through a blinding storm too) and dropped it off (he drove me down to the Con from there, thank you!) The next night was the BBQ, so Chris Bruno looked at the car and we decided it was get home-able. So, on Sunday, mari followed me home stuffing Bleys into my car, and we got it home.

Yesterday, I called the mechanic, and he insisted it be towed to his shop. Guess I shouldn't have driven it home, heh. Ah well, I'll get the report on that in the morning.

Next, daytime Conning:

Most of my convention was spent either playing in the Catan tournaments, or in the Looney Labs areas. OK, so *most* of it was in Catan. You see.....


Like, I was one of the last 16 left.... that was way ubercool. I did get eliminated before the final four, but I don't care. I proved myself a contender this year. Next year I'm not sure I'll be playing, though, because of the huge amount of time that went into the game.

Hanging out in the Looney Labs area was cool though, I got to meet a bunch of nifty people, learn some of their games I don't know (yes, there are a few), and it looks like next year I'll be volunteering for them. Yay!

What little other daytime time I had was spent running around the dealer's room picking up my shopping list of products. I got: A 6x6 Volcano board, the rest of the Zombies!!! expansions, the new Cheapass boxed sets, and a $1 Tri-Stat DX book. Not as much as usual, it was a very monetarily meager year.

Night time conning:

Thursday night after bluelang dropped me off at the hotel, I got to the elevator to go up, bellhop carting my stuff behind me, and I get bodyslammed by yukon_jack. "Come drinking at the Char Bar with us!" he exclaimed, so after I got my stuff up to the room I did. Saw a bunch of people I usually see at cons, met a bunch new people, got very drunk. It was a con! But word to the wise, Iron Spike shots only *sound* like a good idea when you're drunk, but they're really not. :)

Friday night was the BBQ over at the Wendt's, which was a lot of fun. I do have pictures forthcoming from that night, so I'll not go into detail about who all was there, but I'll say that Julien is a powerhouse. He's at exactly the right age where I start to adore them... as in, I ask, "If you go outside, will you go to Mommy and Daddy?" His reply, "No! Let me outside!" Wonderful fun.

Saturday night I went to Schmidt's German restaurant with sailormur, Jim, betharama, Bruno, and slog. Good food! Then sailormur and I hung out at the Bar on 2 until it was time to hit the White Wolf party. yukon_jack came up with me to the party, which was cool because we were among the first there. But it wasn't long before others got in, and the party got into full swing and was its usual with lots of drunken gaming talk, and jachilli drunkenly up to his usual antics. I also have pictures of that all forthcoming, including the stolen wedding table.

After I'd had enough of that, Holeman, Aaron, and I decided to go pick up my games, my private stash of alcohol, and head to mari's room for gaming. So we did, and played a dwarven treasure hunt game. By the time we were done with that, more people showed up since the WW party was broken up by hotel security, so we pulled out Zombies!!! (minus the new expansions, since I didn't get them until Sunday). Some punk kid with a spiked mohawk joined us, and spent the entire game apologizing for being so drunk, or apologizing for talking too much because I kept telling him to shut up. That was actually pretty funny, I'm not sure I noticed the game itself. :)


Sunday afternoon, mari, Bleys, Ian, Geoff, Christian, and I went to the Mongolian Barbeque place for food, gathered up my car, then drove back to mari's. After we got back, Geoff pulled out his new 2020 Risk game. It's only a 5 turn game, but we made it drag out 6 hours somehow, of course. At 4am I staggered home and passed out...

So yah, overall a good Con. Though, I really really really need to get there earlier next year... my Con rhythm was just entirely messed up for getting there late. Ah well. I think I also need to add to my quest list, PLAYING AN RPG AT LEAST ONCE WHILE THERE. Dammit, missed that part. But yah, good fun, good times, and man, I did well at Catan. Woot!

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