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I have never been a fan of Reagan the president, but I also don't like spreading public vitriol at the expense of those who have passed. And no matter what I thought of his presidency, I am terribly sorry that he and his family had to suffer the awful disease of Alzheimer's. The worst diseases, IMO, are those that take the person away before the body dies, and Alzheimer's is at the top of that list.

However, there is a more personal thing occurring. My mom always commented that Reagan was much like her dad. She would even tease her dad, "You're a lot like President Reagan, and I wouldn't want you in office either!" Well, I'm watching his funeral now, and they're going over his last moments.... and his final moments apparently paralleled my grandfather's as well. Even though my grandfather died of cancer, he also lost his self before he died.

It's very sad to watch another family go through that.

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