gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Ok, well, I just caught up on a bunch of lj stuff from the weekend while I was out, and I prolly still missed a lot. Ah well, it's good to be offline for more than 24 hours from time to time.

So, we caravanned down to WV, Sarah and Alex in one car, Ray and I in the other. We'd stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up some things on the way out, and Sarah picked up some walkie-talkies we'd found so that we could talk between the cars (like, "hold on, I think I left something very important behind... no, it's here!") which Ray made fun of us for, but we had fun with them just the same. They'll also bring them for Origins!

Once we were down there, Ray and I set about making camp in usual patterns leaving poor Sarah and Alex to follow along as best they can. I feel a bit bad for not giving more instruction at that point, but I was kinda out of it being up about 24 hours by then. Then we settled in for the evening, made dinner, burnt ourselves a lot (especially poor sarah who managed to burn her left index finger and thumb -tips), and then hung out and drank while geeking. I passed out somewhere around 10, I'd been up 32 hours so I suddenly just fell asleep in my chair; then realized this and hit my tent.

The next morning, Sarah, Alex and I were up way ahead of Ray, so we hung out a bit. Just as Ray woke up, Sarah and Alex had to leave so we packed up their tent and gave them some of the supplies we didn't need at that point (and couldn't haul home in Ray's car). Then we said goodbye.

Then the rest of the weekend was more of Ray and I in our established patterns hanging out around the fire, staring up at the mountains around us, reading, I slept a lot going into my tent to avoid bugs at some point and passing out for four hours. It was very relaxing and very nice.

Monday morning we packed up quickly and got on the road by quarter to 11. We stopped once for gas, so made excellent time and got back by 2:30. At this point I hurridly got the stale campfire+sweat smell from my body in the form of a bath, and then ran off to class.

Class was weird because the professor kept calling on me to explain the concepts I'd been floating at the "class email discussion" and on Random() privately to him. It would have been cool except that I'd not had a cigarette in 8 hours by that point and was starting to serious nicky fit during class. Oops.

Oh yah, I'm trying to quit again. Those of you who've seen past attempts may now start taking bets on how long this one will last.

Ok, time to go put away the gear.

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