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home, briefly

So I get back from a five day trip to Canada to find that the sidewalk opposite my house has been repaved.... and my car is parked right by it. I felt badly for the people who had to work around that, until mom and I realized something and burst out laughing....

They used my car as a post for holding up the "Caution" tape.

Yup, leave town for five days....
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Anyway, now I'm off to Philly for the weekend. Since slog and I keep missing each other online, I post here:

Craven and I are leaving when he's able to extract himself from work this afternoon. We should be getting to your place around 10pm, give/take an hour.

Lastly, eyebeams wanted th pics I got of him. I don't have time to work on the large number I got from my trip (argh, I'm still behind on getting the wedding pics done), but I'm putting these up full-size and uneditted. You can locate them here and here.

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