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It's 5am, and I'm awake. Why? I had a nightmare where I was in a High School (though not mine) and active in some Anti-Patriot Act group. We were just gearing up to spread the facts about the Patriot Act, when we were visited by a federal officer who threatened us. When we didn't take his threats, he tossed us out of the school system. No, not just the school, the school system.

When I woke up, I remembered the part of Condi's testimony that made me very uncomfortable -- the part where she sang the ultimate praises for the Patriot Act, and condemned those who thought it infringed on their civil liberties, all of which is expected... it just scares me that no one is questioning this aspect of her testimony.

Sorry I haven't presented all the other criticisms I have had of the hearing here, I'll sum them up pretty quickly.

a) Nebraska Kerry is an asshole. He's a sometimes clever asshole, but he can attain the clever without the asshole. I came away from that feeling that he wanted to use the hearing more to air his opinion than to actually find out what was going on.

b) The guy right after him (I forget his name, sorry) was clever without the asshole. His line of questions where she only replied "No, I was not aware of that," for scores of questions really effectively showed that she wasn't much aware of what she needed to be aware of. Now, that was clever without the showman asshole.

Anything else I've noticed has been pointed out repeatedly in various analytical arguments since the hearing, so I'll not be redundant for you here.

On a plus note, sleep helped my knee and the kneecap is back in place. It's still tender, though, so I'll oblige by using the crutches one more day, but my fears that this time it'd not get better were apparently unwarranted. I'm still going to the doctor to get it fixed, though, because after four years of going in and out of this has gotten ridiculous.

Also, Craven is awesome, and made this. :)

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