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good day in one respect, but the bad outshadows it..

First, the good thing.

My hair, it is short now. Well, as short as it gets on me, which means chin/shoulder length. And it's both -- layered heavily from the chin to the shoulder. It looks really keen, actually. :)

The bad:

My knees have been getting worse and worse this past week, until I went to the doctor on Wednesday, who referred me to a specialist (who's unfortunately on Easter break until next week). Well, at this point I can't really walk, and my left kneecap is either missing or about 3" above where it should be, thus my left knee does not bend at all. Mom gave me a pair of crutches so I can be mobile, at least, but even just bending the knee to do stuff like get in and out of a car is unprecedented worlds of pain and anguish.

My guess is when I get to the specialist, he'll skip the steroids behind the kneecap part and go straight to recommending surgery. And at this point, I'm all for anything that stops this madness.

(For those who don't know, I've had Patello Femoral syndrome for 4 years, and it goes in and out of bad, though this is the worst it's been since it started.)

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