gwen (gwenix) wrote,

So to cheer myself up, I'm telling a story from the weekend.

Pooka and her sister went off to watch Neverending Story and her mom went off to drive her dad to work, I settled down to my books at the kitchen table. When Pooka's mom returned, I was deep in my studies. I heard her enter by way of the kitchen door to the outside, rustle a bit, and walk back a bit. I was in the middle of writing a sentence, so didn't look up, even while she was asking, "So, are you studying hard?" in a semi-accusing tone. As she finished the question, I finished my sentence and looked up while nodding...

And beheld a woman with a gun in her hand, gleefully appraising my progress with a "Good!"

Then she walked back out the door to shoot the groundhog threatening the kittens in the garage.

Pooka later parodied, "Now you know why I was in the honor society!!!"
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