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weekend report...

So, class-wise, the only thing of note this week was that I was the first to finish the exam for my Logic class. Doesn't really mean anything in and of itself, but I felt like I did a good job, so hey. :)

But the big news is..... NVNSVCH IS BACK! Webserver, and everything else that were on before are working well. Some old mail didn't get put on, though, sorry to anyone who needed it. I'm still working on that, but it seems I got the old nvnsvch out just in time as I'm trying to boot it downstairs now, and it's just randomly rebooting (I was waiting with the constantly updating things like mail to copy over after I got the old machine home). I'm going to try mounting the old drive as a secondary on the openbsd machine downstairs, but I won't actually have time for dealing with that until Sunday night at the earliest. But hey, if that's the only casualty so far, yay!

Well, I'm also having trouble getting PerlMagic and mrtg to work, but those are pretty superfluous to actually necessary things. :)

And reminder to all, this weekend is the March20 march through Oakland. Tomorrow (Saturday) at noon on Flagstaff is the picnic, 1pm is the rally and march, things should wrap up by 3pm. I'll be there for a long while covering stuff for IMC though, of course. :)

Speaking of which, time for me to be off and running get ready for covering tonight's vigil at the Friendship House (and to figure out just where that is!)

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