gwen (gwenix) wrote,

music meme thing.

Even though I've done this before, a much larger percent of my CD collection is mp3'd now (though I still haven't gotten to the "Goth" section). So, uhm, the random 23 songs from my mp3 player thing:

1. Sly - Death in Vegas
2. Count to Infinity - Undertow {Dead Star Mix}
3. Wumpscut - Hate is Mine
4. Utah Saints - States of Mind
5. VNV Nation - Structure
6. The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger
7. Die Krupps - Isolation
8. Wumpscut - Soylent Green
9. Chumbawamba - New York Mining Disaster 1941
10. Big Black - Kasimir S. Pulaski Day
11. Kate Bush - Under Ice
12. Aphex Twin - Gwely Mernans
13. Alphaville - Inside Out (Lost Single Mix)
14. Aria - A Breed of Spite
15. Noam Chomsky - Good News for Capital
16. Razed in Black - Solution
17. Necrofix - Il Mostro
18. Galaxy Chamber - Ascension
19. xhm^2 - dim of light
20. Hotbox - You Can Never Tell
21. Laibach - Sympathy For the Devil
22. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Mood No. 6
23. Gwar - America Must Be Destroyed

Ok, so why is it that when I'm actually playing this, I get almost every other song as Anti-Flag or The Simpsons, but when I make a public list, it's mostly synthpop? Bah.

Bah, I think I'm going to go back and actually play those 23 songs, just so I get some break from the usual. :)

(btw, on the subject of music, Pegritz, I've just gotten a bunch of Telepopmusik. I've been trying to find ya on IRC to compare notes. :)
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