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Videofest Press Release...

Just to show y'all what else I'm doing with my life... (and hoping Pittsburgh folks can make it out):

For Immediate Release
February 9, 2004

Contact: Carla Bueno, 412-687-7227,
David Meieran, 412-421-7716,


WHAT: a video festival of video activism

WHEN: February 19, 20, 21, and 22
7pm (and 2pm matinee on Sunday the 22nd)

WHERE: Carnegie Mellon University, Porter Hall 100
(near Flagstaff Hill, parking available on Frew St.)

Pittsburgh Independent Media Center (IMC), the Pittsburgh chapter of
the Global IMC Network, will present a "Video Activist VideoFest" from
Thursday, February 19, through Sunday, February 22.

This four day video festival will honor the work of video activists
from Pittsburgh and around the globe. Of special interest is Friday
night's screening of "The People, United", a documentary produced by
the Pittsburgh IMC about the historic Anti-War Convergence held here in
January 2003.

In the largest protest in Pittsburgh since the Vietnam War,
4,000 people gathered from across the region to protest an
illegal and unjst war. "The People, United goes beyond the sound
bite on the evening news to give you a perspective on the anti-war
movement that the traditional news media does not provide," said
Quinten Steenhuis, a Pittsburgh Indymedia member who helped shoot and
edit the People United along with activists from Pittsburgh and Cleveland
Independent Media Centers.

"Video activists are the original 'embedded reporters'", said David
Meieran, a member of Pittsburgh IndyMedia. "We are activists who tell
our own stories, capture our triumphs on tape, and share them with
others around the world."

From AIDS activism to the anti-war movement, the Pittsbugh video
festival will feature work that span a range of protests and issues
that are typically misrepresented by the mainstream media.

Thursday's screening features video activism from "the early days".
Programs include "World? What World? Keeping America Disinformed, the
World According to U.S. Media" (1987), a sampling of early Paper Tiger
works on world politics and the mainstream media, and "Voices From the
Front" (1991), an award-winning documentary about AIDS activism
produced by the Testing the Limits Collective.

In addition to "The People, United" (2004), friday's program includes
"Kilometer Zero" (2003), a remarkable video from the historic WTO
protests in Cancun, Mexico in September 2003 that was shot and cut on
location in Cancun by media collectives from Mexico, Europe and the
United States. Also showing is "We Interrupt This Empire..." (2003),
which documents the direct actions that shut down the financial
district of San Francisco in the weeks following the United States'
invasion of Iraq, and

On Saturday, Pittsburgh IMC will offer a sneak preview of the IMC
documentary about what happened in Miami last November at the FTAA
Ministerial, along with "Facists are Trading Away America" by Roger
Hill. Following that screening will be a discussion led by local
indymedia members and activists who were part of the StopFTAA

A Sunday matinee features "Freedom Downtime" (2002), the story of
computer hacker Kevin Mitnick--who was imprisoned without bail for
nearly five years--and activists effort to free him.

On Sunday evening, Pittsburgh IMC presents "Critical Resistance:
Visions of Freedom", an emotional and inspiring look at a growing
movement of activists, artists and intellectuals who are mobilizing
against the prison industrial complex. Also showing are shorts by local
video activists.

For a complete and up to date schedule visit or call

The Pittsburgh Independent Media Center is a voluntary collective
dedicated to serving the local community with a system for
disseminating print, video, radio, and online news. The main
Pittsburgh IMC website is:


Please note the Freedom Downtime part, Sunday the 22nd, 2pm. *ahem* :)

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