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Oh yah, I took that mythic test that's popular right now and got a 4 with a firebird primary and satyr shadow. I'm not going to bother posting what they mean, since really they're only half right. Only reason I'm posting this is because it's so popular right now.

My back still hurts. A lot. I've never had this before, where it lasts for days. Usually I sleep, and that fixes everything. It's now popped several times, I've slept a lot, and it still hurts. Sigh.

I am really sorry this isn't a happy great wonderful post. I'm just not feeling up to it.

I do have class in a couple hours though, that's still going well for all who've asked. I've started on the next assignment when there's one due today (which I turned in Monday to the TA who commented, "Wow, you're a good programmer.") It's a bright spot of joy in my life, really.

I'm also really looking forward to camping this weekend, and then Origins in early July. I kinda wonder if my not getting out of town much this month will be a good or bad thing, though. I'm debating taking a trip to Philly at the end of the month to see Patrick and slog and others. That'd be nice, actually. Will see.

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