gwen (gwenix) wrote,

The most amazing snowstorm today...

Yes, everyone in Pittsburgh already knows about it, but I'm sharing anyway because I drove through it. Anyway...

It's not that it was particularly deep, 4" just isn't. However, 4" in about 2 hours on the roads does make for pretty bad driving conditions... although we've also seen that pretty frequently this season. No, it was amazing because that 4" ONLY occurred on the east side of Pittsburgh. Like, I was preparing to be snowed in at mom's when I called Mari, who was kinda amazed that I'd be snowed in. cusm was already there and informed me that there was nothing wrong with the roads. I thought he meant "Meh, not as bad." But I was happy to be able to leave mom's house, so I went over..... and it's not that it wasn't as bad. It's that a mere 5 miles from where the main roads were nearly impassable for my little car, the roads were COMPLETELY CLEAR.

Is Pittsburgh birthing microclimates now?

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